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50 years old US Navy 1986-1990

“ I have PTSD and have seen many psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. I am on drugs to help with my symptoms but the Writeface workshops have something that none of the others have. It has given me a voice and if this class can help more people as it has helped me then it absolutely needs to be in this world. Please hear me and help Writeface grow.”

83 years old US Army 1956-1960


We feel our nation,s anxiety
now and then a fearful anger
while values go unattended and
survival moves in and out of focus
love is discussed, then abandoned.
Our upset ones, the crazed
not knowing what else to do
take lives.
Their fears extended by temporary
cultural calming until a voice says
kill and all is lost.
What’s to love?
They’re all gone now
so many favorite children,seniors
so many pedestrians.
So what !
They enter Nirvana not yet asked to stay.
Its time to ask,
Are you close to spirit?
Sharing the feeling that is clear and loving?
The peaceful me is out there still
yet really there in you
to guide love in trust.
Trust who?
The answer is close and secure.
Think peace to the troubled ones.
Let anxiety drift to more complete souls for now.
Our concerns must meld
as the tolls of tragedy increase.
Contact is not the news
it is the views that power us inside.
To the person who asks
for someone who loves us
They need to know!

50 years old US Navy USS Ford

“Since attending the Writeface workshops I have discovered and embraced not only the many different ways and forms of writing but have discovered that sharing my writing and experiencing the way my writing is interpreted by others has helped me see myself in a different light. My writing has transformed me to a “here and now” way of living and has helped me deal with my unhealthy and troubling experiences of yesterdays. I would highly encourage anyone, not only veterans of the armed services, even those who have never put pen to paper to experience a Writeface workshop. It is with great zeal that I look forward to my writing time expressing not only what goes on inside of me but also to communicate my wonderment of this world around me.”

33 yeas old US Army 2004-2008 purple heart recipient Two tours in Iraq

“ The Writeface workshops have taught me that it really helps to write how you feel down on paper. It helps me deal with the struggles I go through. Annie and Scott have been a blessing. Not only did I enjoy their company but also the non judgemental way they ran the class. I
recommend this class highly to other veterans. I would very much like to participate in another one of their classes.”

50 years old, US Army (retired) 1986-2006 Action in Kwait, Bosinia, Kosovo, Iraq

“ After my retirement from the Army I picked up jobs here and there but was unable to hold any of them for very long. Several years later I exploded which resulted in the loss of my family, some jail time, mental institutions, halfway houses, and back in court. Then I found Writeface and its workshops. Writeface is one of many ways I use to deal with the monster inside of me.”

Turbulance is the forefront of emotions and feelings that seek to understand
it is the mystery of things unknown,
to the things known but difficult to understand.
The hopes of things of uncertain factor,
to the change of things known.
Though it always seems bumpy,
the one thing of constant is the flow of it coming and going.
Hard or soft, it always blows.

48 years old, US Air Force ( retired) 1987-2014, C130 Loadmaster As a loadmaster Cheri’s travels are too extensive to list.

“ The Writeface writing workshops have so much to offer in the healing, recovery, and emotional repair in my journey to positive change in my life. The curriculum forces you to think and ponder your inner feelings. Putting those feeling on paper is a treasure for one to look back on and to keep forever. Writeface taught me how to get the creative writing process started.”

71 years old , US Army 1964-1967, Nuclear missile equipment repair, Stationed in Germany and South Korea.

“The Writeface workshops have created a new custom in my family. Every Sunday after our family dinner we turn the television off put some classical or jazz music on and everybody shares what they have written during the past week or just a narrative of what seemed special in the events of the past week. My bride came up with the idea by asking me to share some of my Writeface class writings with the family. I happily complied after picking out a few pieces which I thought they would appreciate. I was astonished at how intently they all listened and seemed to really enjoy hearing what I had written. It has taken on a life of its own and we all look forward to this new intimate family custom started by Writeface. Writeface has given me a new sense of myself. The workshops are captivating and enthralling.”

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